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The sour Oasis pop up shop, float it down the Thames, pay a celebrity, do a projection, launch a perfume, break a world record, influencer, #RefreshingStuff campaign


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Our creative solution? The most refreshing PR launch in history. By most refreshing what we actually mean is not just doing what every brand does at PR launch, but doing EVERYTHING that a brand does at launch: The Oasis Sours pop up shop, float it down the Thames, pay a celebrity, do a projection, launch a perfume, break a world record, influencer, #RefreshingStuff campaign!

We parodied the conventional and overused tactics employed by PR agencies in a piece of cleverly constructed content that allowed for maximum earned and shared media amplification. Contents included...

An overly branded celebrity to help with campaign reach

Paying a YouTuber to create a sponsored piece of video content

Using influencers to post their #spon brand love

Limited edition prototypes

Stunts! Floating object down Thames, projections onto buildings etc.

Working with Director Jim Williams, we satirised a modern-day PR agency, from brainstorm development to execution.


We worked with both a traditional celebrity and digital influencer in a way that inverted the status quo and pushed the boundaries of what's acceptable in the world of sponsored content to the extreme.

Enter Made in Chelsea's cheeky Jamie Laing; cast not only for his playful nature but for his aligned audience (54 %, 16-29), we also captured an outrageously juicy celebrity ambassador photo moment and sold-in heavily branded imagery of Jamie posting in his pants to national media, linking back to the film and keeping the campaign momentum going.

Social influencer LukeIsNotSexy (60% 16-29) was also drafted in to create a 'behind the scenes' video around the mockumentary, which we marketed as the most honest #AD video on YouTube. This went live the same day the mockumentary was released, so Luke's highly engaged audience clicked through to watch once he tweeted the official link.


Mockumentary: 102,000+ views with 35% watching until the end

LukeIsNotSexy YouTube video: 51,000+ views

Total campaign: 977,000+ social media impressions / 249M total PR reach

Comments from viewers:

" One of the best spons I've ever seen. Was genuinely smiling all the way through

" I legitimately love honest ads like this

" That was such an awesome spon!

" I just realised how successful marketing this is because I really really want to try the Apple Cherry sour Oasis now

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