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The Tango Squad

WE ARE SOCIAL, London / ADIDAS / 2017

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A group of specially selected football obsessed teens that get the hottest news, best experiences and exclusive content from adidas Football. All delivered direct to their phones through dark social messenger apps.

These groups are treated to world class experiences and given content to make their social channels sing. From meeting Leo Messi to launching new boots before the PR team, Tango Squad know what's going on before their friends and get to have the best experiences a football fan could ever want.

Welcome to the Tango Squad.


Tango Squads are currently live in 11 cities across the globe with plans to launch in many more. The members were scouted on the ground and online. Potential members were vetted by an automated system in the first instance and then manually by adidas employees to ensure the correct people were selected. The goal to ensure we have the right people not the right number of people.

Once selected, Squad members were on-boarded to the Tango Squad Facebook Messenger group. These groups are split by location so that each city can tailor their own communications with the groups. Messages are sent out to the group as a broadcast with one to one communication starting off the back of Tango Squad responses.


In just six months we have recruited 1,440 influencers, in 15 cities, across 11 countries. We’re not looking for mass but targeted influence in our key cities.

They’ve presented adidas content, broken major news stories, seen product before anyone else and met their idols. By feeding their conversations we’re helping to grow their social profiles.

We’re redefining influence. Building adidas a network for the future.

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