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The Unmissable Ad

MEDIAMONKS, Hilversum / L'OREAL / 2019

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L'Oreal were launching a new Brow Makeup product (Unbelievabrow) into an extremely competitive market.

Our brief was to create content that cut through the clutter to reach an audience who rarely, if ever engaged with Facebook ads.

The objective was to raise awareness and drive sales of Unbelieva'brow.


Zeroing in on typical audience habits allowed us to make each 1.7 second product demonstration super relevant to micro-moments in the audiences day, from working out to an evening out. We were also able to select the micro-moments which could be portrayed clearly and engagingly in just 1.7 seconds.


Employing social listening of L’Oréal’s audience, we highlighted several moments throughout the day in which users engage with the platforms supported by the campaign: Facebook, Instagram and YouTube. Because the campaign’s content followed influencers through a “day in the life” format, establishing a timeline of where, when and how users accessed social media enabled us to optimise the story beats for the platform at that time of day. For example, realising that users check Facebook on mobile early in the morning, we could optimise morning content for the platform—like a video demonstrating how the Unbelieva'brow makeup can survive a sweaty morning workout routine.


The campaign view through rate was 86%, a massive uplift from an average 8% indicating a significant behaviour shift in our audience.

The ads earned 6 x more engagement than was paid for leading to Unbelievabrow being Italy's most successful Eye Makeup launch of all time.

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