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#TheGrandTour Rally

TWITTER, London / AMAZON / 2018

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Twitter created a campaign where influencers were at the mercy of their followers, through a global Gumball-style rally. The rally would see three influencer teams (reminiscent of Clarkson, Hammond and May) race across continents while urging their followers to keep engaging to power their individual BMW i3 electric cars on a journey that began in Scotland and ended in Mexico.

Engagement from fans ensured influencers made it to each destination and also promised high-octane content at the world's most infamous automotive tracks / on the road.

Like #thegrandtour itself, the campaign kept mixing it up as it travelled over 10 days. As the teams rolled into new countries, local social media star guests joined in the fun. That not only kept it interesting but these influencers, 21 in all, brought their own legions of fans (hundreds of thousands) to keep the Twitter engagement rolling and ensure the hashtag trended.


* Pieces of premium multi-lingual influencer content released: 112

(made up of still imagery, video, live video, Tweets and Tweet polls)

* Campaign Period: 6-16 December 2017

* Primary Social Media Platform: Twitter

* Primary Target Audience: UK, Germany and Mexico

* Secondary Target Audience: Brazil, Australia, Canada, US

* Influencers involved: 21 in total (from different markets - namely UK, DE and MX)

* Average Engagement Rate: 4.7%

* Distance travelled: 2,500 miles with a crew of 20, 10 vehicles in 10 countries.


There was no second album downfall here. #thegrandtour saw conversation spread around the world as fans watched and shared 112 pieces of content.

This generated a whopping 12.5million impressions and 589K engagements.

Twitter and Niche not only met Amazon's ask of making #thegrandtour hashtag famous, they smashed it. The campaign grew conversation about the show incrementally by 131% - effectively doubling the conversation from the year prior.

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* Without Twitter’s Niche division, conversation season-on-season for the Grand Tour would have reduced from 106k down to 94k; a drop of 12%.

* Because of Twitter’s Niche division, overall conversation at grew from 106k tweets from Season 1 to 217k tweets in Season 2 just over doubling conversation of ‘The Grand Tour’ on Twitter at launch.

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