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We are continuously measuring the impact of Think with Google’s “data insights” strategy and the site’s impact for the advertising community. The results have been extremely positive. In an independent brand perception study involving 253 media decision makers from a variety of agencies and brands,

--93% of agencies and 90% of brands rated the quality of Think with Google’s content and resources as excellent (top 2 box rating on a 5 point scale)

--Nearly three-quarters of Think with Google active users (agencies and brand marketers) are visiting the site to inform their campaign Creative/Strategy/Planning.

--60% of marketers say Think with Google gives them the data they need to support business cases.

Our investment in “data insights” strategy is also measurable on site. Since focusing efforts on data-driven insights, Think with Google has experienced:

--50% year-over-year growth in engaged users (an "engaged user" is one that reads a piece of content and demonstrates interaction with the site)

--Think with Google's social followers on G+, Twitter, and LinkedIn have more than doubled from a year ago to over 2.6MM, and engagement actions on platforms (shares, comments, likes) more than tripled.

--Visits from Think with Google email promotion have nearly quadrupled YoY with the advent of special editions and content alerts to meet user demand.


There are over 100 billion searches on Google every month. And, every day, people watch hundreds of millions of hours on YouTube and generate billions of views. Think with Google filters this data through proprietary, public tools like Trends and Correlate, and synthesizes it with Google Consumer Surveys, anonymized and aggregated Google, DoubleClick, and YouTube usage data analysis, as well as third party research. The net results are deep, consumer behavior insights brought to life through interactive tools designed for marketers, regularly-updated editorial pieces, infographics, and leaderboards.

The data's journey begins in the moments where consumers search, view YouTube videos, and click ad media, which all help to shed light on interests and behavior. These instances, happening every second in nearly every locale around the world, across every digital device and platform available, are aggregated anonymously and organized into trends by Google's proprietary public tools. These trends are analyzed and synthesized with third party research, expert quotes, survey data and news to create regularly updated editorial pieces showcasing consumer behavior insights on These content pieces contain a combination of text, infographics, charts, graphs, images and videos.

The articles are organized into collections grouped by industry, platform, time of year (via the Marketer's Almanac), and category (events, demographic, news-related, etc), and they are archived - accessible via custom search and contextually relevant links.

Inspired by the insights presented in these articles, the user can dig deeper into the data by interacting with one of several tools designed to allow marketers to slice and dice the data in unique ways to serve their own business needs. The outputs of these tools can then be easily shared or saved and included in one's own presentations to support the strategies crafted with the support of this data.

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