TIM - The History Of Connection

HAVAS MILAN, Milan / TIM / 2018

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Thanks to the achievements reached by mankind, the way we communicate has evolved tremendously fast, to the point that today's young people can't even recognize most of the classic devices we grew up with.

To preserve this precious knowledge for our future generations, TIM, the first telecommunication company in Italy, decided to open its historical archive to the public and transform it into a digital journey.

"The History of Connection" is an immersive interactive experience for desktop and mobile.

A spectacular timeline that lets everyone explore all the technological achievements behind the evolution of telecommunications.

The core idea is to explore this peculiar timeline from a breathtaking point of view, the inside of the only element in common between all these technologies: the cable.

At the beginning of each chapter, thanks to a real-time physics simulation, the users are invited to interact with a specific technology representing each age.

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