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BPN ISTANBUL, Istanbul / TURKCELL / 2016

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In Turkey, on 1st of April all mobile operators launched their new 4.5 G protocol. So there was a hectic competition in terms of communication. As being the Turkey’s leading mobile operator Turkcell wanted to differentiate from the clutter in media. We aimed to find a creative way to take our target audience's attention and give our message in the right time, right place.


We chose the most popular TV show and pretended as if the scene was actually buffering!. People who experienced the buffering surprised because they were not expecting to see a buffering wheel on TV unless it is a digital platform.

Right after we presented the solution, by showing our 4.5 G commercial, we reminded them they will no longer suffer the buffer thanks to the high-speed internet services of Turkcell 4.5 G.

Meanwhile, those who were watching the show online came across the same experience with a mid-roll ad, on the website of the TV show, which was already wrapped around with page skin ads of the new 4.5 G.

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