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Turkcell Music names the beat

OPEN AGENCY, Istanbul / TURKCELL / 2016

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Universal truth: People are curios about the background music of videos (no matter what the video content is). Instead of using apps to identify it, many of us just ask the name of the song to other users on the comment section. We thought this would be great place to attract users’ attention to our service.

So we developed a software to utilize these conversations at the comment sections of online video platforms and created our own media.


We developed a special 'Voice and Melody Recognition'; technology that scans hundreds of videos uploaded everyday, that are:

user generated,

recently uploaded,

shorter than 4 min.,

open to comments.

After scanning these videos; the system identified the background music and matched the audio sample with the Turkcell Müzik database. Then automatically posted the identification link with custom messages as a native comment under the video. We posted a different message if name of the song is asked in the comments.

All comments included the name and performer of the song besides the url directing users to Turkcell Müzik.


120,000 videos scanned

30,000 videos detected

22,000 songs identified and identification links posted

57% of the users engaged with our message through likes and comments

Turkcell Music application downloads increased by 15% compared to the previous month.

Spending 0 dollars for media; we conveyed our message at the right moment of need.

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