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TURKCELL, Istanbul / TURKCELL / 2019

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Turkey’s biggest GSM operator Turkcell, thanks to their 1400 shops all around Turkey, is creating solutions for all communication needs of people. With their brand new #BirKalpMama (OneLoveFood) project, from now on their shop door are also open for our little friends on the streets.

We started a campaign on social media with the hashtag of ‘’birkalpmama (onelovefood)’’ and we made an announcement with our online movie that we published on digital, we called out to the users via our digital lines. This charity movement became tt on twitter and worldwide organically. We offered a cozy nest for our lovely pals with the food and water pans and kennels that we put in front of our stores.


Hundreds of thousands of stray animals are living in very difficult conditions all around Turkey. Indeed, all they want is some food, water and love.


With Turkey’s biggest GSM operator Turkcell did for our #BirKalpMama project was to place a bowl of food and a bowl of water in front of Turkcell’s 1400 shops.

Next step in the project, we embraced stray animals by building more than 1400 kennels for them. So, besides connecting people to life, this time we connected our little friends on the streets to life


With our project films, we reached a total of 16.5 million people. Just after our the launch of our films, our #BirKalpMama hashtag was ranked as 3. and 1. respectively on Twitter’s world and Turkey trending topics. As for social media, organic support from social media influencers were followed by positive feedback from users and complimentary reflections on media.

27.976 contents by 25.985 users

15 times on printed media news

105 times on internet news

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