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Turkcell My Dream Companion Audio Description

BPN ISTANBUL, Istanbul / TURKCELL / 2016

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Since our target audience is visually impaired people, it is nearly impossible to reach them and introduce them My Dream Companion Application & its new Audio Description feature.

So we needed to find a breakthrough way!

We decided to place our ads in their field of interest and in their way of understanding!

Besides our conventional TV campaign , we built rapid awareness, by placing our TV ad just before the movies with Audio Description option on the popular Turkish TV platform Digiturk.

Choosing an innovative way, we "narrated" our entire communication on digital media, just as we did in our app. Visually impaired individuals coming across our banners, texts, videos heard the content of the ad and clicked to download the app.


We started with conventional TV ad campaign, we used a wide range of Turkish national TV channels for 1 month.

After building a reach base we decided to reach our special target audience with specifically targeted ad placement, we became partners with the famous Turkish TV platform Digitürk that offers movies with audio description option.

To get maximum reach we used Youtube Masthead, YouTube Trueview, Search ad and Mobile ads. For adwords we maximized our reach by expanding our keywords like: audio book, audio library, new released movies, theatre sessions..etc. For Google Display Network we dominated desktop and mobile inventory.


We reached over 400 Million impressions, and 1,6 Million clicks, our video has hit over 44 Million views. Our Youtube Masthead has hit “49.5 million” views, breaking Turkey's record.

Following the launch of the Audio Description feature:

• the number of daily subscribers to the app has increased by 40%.

• the number of distinct users tripled, reaching the most active use rate in history!

• the number of daily downloads has increased by 23%, reaching 15k visually impaired individuals.

• Only in two weeks, we have had 20% of the number of downloads recorded since 2013,

• My Dream Companion was rewarded with 4.5 points out of 5 by users.

My Dream Companion app is available free of charge not only for Turkcell subscribers but all visually impaired people, and we are proud to be the pioneer of technologies which change life for the better for all of us!

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