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INTERLUDE, New York / INTEL / 2012






Interlude created this interactive video to support Intel’s global Ultrabook campaign. This is one of the largest campaigns in Intel history, promoting a new category of devices that Intel has created called Ultrabook™. The video was developed to be consistent with the TV ads that rolled out in 8 countries (though without the benefit of dialogue), and was filmed on the same sets. Original music was created for this video, including stylized Intel bongs (Intel’s signature audio brand) for each of the eras. The video launched in the United States on April 13 and is rolling out across 50 countries, in 26 languages.This interactive video integrates three distinct cinematic adventures that take place in one of three eras from the past: Desperado” – a 19th Century Old West saloon; “Round Table” – a medieval castle; and “House of Flying Laptops” – an Ancient Chinese site. Visitors to can engage with the video to create their own personalized story through a series of real-time decisions while learning about Ultrabook's key product features along the way. Throughout the video, six primary choices are presented to online users enabling them to direct the course of the video in a completely seamless viewing experience – the video never pauses or buffers, and if no choice is made the video continues based on a default option. Additionally, when a user authorizes Facebook Connect at the start of the video, her name and personal photo is integrated contextually into the video at a number of points. There is also an option at the end to personalize the opening credits of the film before replaying it or sharing it with friends. With each of these options, this video of under three minutes offers online users the ability to create a unique adventure from 6,912 possibilities! The experience begins with customizable opening credits. We are introduced to a young man toting an Ultrabook™ in a modern city setting, and the user is presented with the choice of which era to explore. Once our hero travels back in time, he is faced with a series of three challenges by the period characters, all of whom are presumably threatened by his modern Ultrabook. With each challenge, the online user can choose how the hero will respond – either by selecting the choice that represents one of the Ultrabook’s most inventive features (i.e., Ultra Responsive, Ultra Sleek, Powerful, Long-Lasting, or Secure) or a choice that is the effective opposite, representing the alternately lagging features of other computers. In this way, our hero finds himself matched up in a number of fun and exciting confrontations – a gunfight and barroom brawl, a sword fight, and creative martial artistry. At two distinct points in each of the eras, users can also time travel by clicking on the Intel die’namic emanating from our hero’s Ultrabook as a “glow.” And by so doing, our hero is comically and surprisingly transported by a character from a different era into that other era. Viewers of the video will also enjoy the visual effects that recall scenes from classic films and will inevitably be delighted by the dragon that emerges from the Ultrabook in Round Table.

The video always ends with a transition to a modern setting, suggesting that the hero’s adventures were all in his imagination because with an Ultrabook … “Suddenly, Everything Else Seems Old-Fashioned.”

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