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Unblock A Generation of Love

TENCENT, Shanghai / AB INBEV / 2018

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We launched campaign "SHARE YOUR MOMENTS, SHARE THE REAL YOU"in the biggest social platform in China, just before the Chinese New Year, which is a traditional family union festival. To call upon the young generations to do not hide their moments, share what they think, what they like, what they really pursue in their life. We want to let them understand, the gap is not created by generation but by the way you think of each other. "Share Your Moments" is a small action on the social platform, but will be a big step to close the gap between different generation, different community, even the gap in the entire Chinese society.


Teaser (Dec. 2017- Jan. 24th , 2018)

Our News launched a social survey : are your parents blocked by in in social networks?

HTML5 interactive advertisement launched in Wechat Moments as emotional teaser to attract young group's attention

Kick off (Jan. 25th-Jan. 26th )

Print advertisement in People’s Daily to amplify the topic offline.

Our News launched the first Whitepaper on China Generation Gap with convincing data to reveal the reality (8am, Jan. 25th).

Our News launched a creative social experiment to catch the eyeball (6pm, Jan. 25th).

Targeted advertisement to different audience (by parents and children) were launched in Wechat to make calls for change ( Jan. 25th- Jan.26th).

Climax (Jan.27th -Jan.28th )

ABI Brand Campaign Premiere launched in NY Times Square.

A live event with KOLs' attendance in Cinema.

Wrap up (Mar.1st )

Our News and Social Platform launched a 2nd social survey on the campaign influence


According to Nilsen Survey, 92% of users said they are willing to open their real life to parents. 26% of users make call to their parents instantly after reading the wechat moment advertisement according to Wechat statistics.

The exposure of Wechat targeted advertisement reaches 100million. The sharing and forward of users bring 7.8 million more exposure, far higher than the average.

On the first day of launching talk to strangers, VV exceeds 11,000,000

KOLs respond actively in Weibo (Chinese version of twitter). 180 million audience are enrolled and 350thousand joined the interaction. The viewers of topics #Join my moments and #blocking your parents reach 120million.

This campaign draws attention from 27 media including those from China and America, including CCTV1, CCTV2, the most authorized TV channels in China.

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