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Under Armour USA Womens Gymnastics

DROGA5, New York / UNDER ARMOUR / 2016


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This is a film telling the story of the 2016 USA Women’s Gymnastics Team.

The film shows this tribe of normal young women “going dark” and becoming invisible, both literally and metaphorically, as they step away from other aspects of their daily life, focusing and training single-mindedly 24/7, in relentless pursuit of sporting greatness.

The film was designed to show a side to athletes that few have seen, aiming to rally a nation behind a group of young women who have yet to prove themselves on the world’s biggest stage—the upcoming Olympics in Rio. We wanted to capitalize on one of the most followed teams in the Olympics, creating films that would touch the hearts of millions and inspire a future generation of athletes.


On February 23rd, we launched a :90 film that shows the impressive strength and impossible physical ability of the USA Women’s Gymnastics Team, building a breathless sense of repetition. We show the girls working on full-body strength, skill and ability training on the mat, traveling to competitions, living and breathing their sport, over and over again. The film leads to the line “It’s what you do in the dark that puts you in the light,” underpinning Under Armour’s broader “Rule Yourself” campaign.

The film was supported globally on television, cinema, YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, and Under Armour retail- environments —all just months before the Olympic games.


The launch of our film on February 23rd sparked a conversation in the sport of gymnastics, which carried itself into a broader conversation around strength, personal dedication and empowerment. With limited paid media, to date the work has garnered over 7 billion global media impressions and over 14 million views across Facebook, YouTube and Twitter. More importantly, fans and followers were engaged in the story, leaving it with with 110,000 likes and over 33,000 shares to their network.

The campaign will continue into Summer 2016, when the final direct impact on business targets will be measured.

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