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Our idea was to prove a bold claim: that the INFINITI Q50 could stimulate your mind and enhance your performance. We hosted a series of driving tests, equipping the test drivers with a real-time brain-monitoring head device. We captured their excitement in real time and had neuroscientists analyze it and run it through behavior performance models. The results confirmed our hypothesis, but more importantly, the data inspired us. The data of the excited mind actually felt like a piece of music, so we used the data to create a music track. But most significantly, the data felt like an explosive expression of excitement, so we commissioned the largest fountain in the world (The Dubai Fountain) and expressed our data in the most explosive way – creating the world’s largest data chart.


Implementation: We started with raw data taken from the minds of excited Q50 test drivers. We ended with the largest display of data visualization in the world, during a first-of-its-kind performance at the found Dubai Fountain.

Placement: For four nights in December, we took over The Dubai Fountain – the largest choreographed fountain system in the world. This gave our data, our unique data-created music track, and our data-created fountain performance the ideal location to thrive.

Scale: With tens of thousands of visitors nightly, we turned The Dubai Fountain into the world’s largest visualized data chart. The fountain jets shoot 150m in the air, seen from 20 miles away. Our performance reached 17 million viewers, live and online.

Brand relevance: The INFINITI brand empowers drivers, and the Q50 is positioned as the car that “unleashes your potential.” So we proved it, took the data, and expressed it on a massive scale.

Touch points: We launched this execution with a massive on-ground event, encouraging organic PR through hype, Facebook Live, and rented out gondolas for the press for the most up-close experience possible.

Materials, style elements, design choices: Raw brain data was our primary material, but water was our primary style element – taking advantage of hundreds of jets and 6,600+ lights, choreographed in harmony. Finally, the massive speaker system played the data-driven music track we created alongside the fountain performance.

Methods and process: We worked with an innovative tech company, neuroscientists, sound engineers, music producers, fountain choreographers and water projectionists to bring this data to life.

Timeline: We recorded the brain data during test-drives over two months, starting late September 2016. A press release teased the performance two days before the event, and the live performance at The Dubai Fountain ran over four nights, from December 17th until the 20th.


We captured the excitement of the mind. Gave it a voice. Visualized it. And excited tens of thousands of people with a live show across four nights at The Dubai Fountain, showcasing the brain data-inspired music and by turning the world's biggest fountain into the world's biggest data chart. Across the weekend of the launch event, INFINITI social posts reached over 5.2M impressions including 21,484 impressions and 871,777 clicks. Our share of voice rose from 2% to 38% during the month of the launch and INFINITI became the most talked-about brand across social media in the GCC region during this period of time. We gained more than $2.5 million in earned media and 17 million impressions over the course of the campaign.

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