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LEGO SYSTEM, Billund / LEGO / 2023

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Case Film






The LEGO® brand believes that LEGO® play is for everyone – regardless of age. In USA and Canada, one of our brand’s biggest kid’s markets, we wanted to welcome adults to into the brand with a new portfolio of LEGO® sets for adults.

However, our brand is still largely recognised as being “just for kids”, and even amongst adults, only includes a niche, small fan base who enjoys building as a solo hobby.

Coming out of the pandemic, people’s desire to connect and bond over shared experiences was higher than ever. We needed to respond to people’s desire for social interaction by showing how connections can be made while building together, against the following objectives:

- New-to-Brand: Drive sales of new consumers who have not purchased within a year

- Sales Revenue: Drive overall sales

- Return on Advertising Spend (ROAS) above benchmark of 300%.

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