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Vh1 Supersonic: Your Musical destination

VIACOM 18 MEDIA, Mumbai / VIACOM / 2016

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FOMO or as the yuppie generation calls it the ‘fear of missing out’ is the common denominator that binds this generation. Also, more than understanding the music, they believe in the ‘we go where our friends go’ philosophy. We wanted to tap into this group, also our target group, and not just attract them as a community, but also transform their lives through music education.

The energy, volume, lights, build-ups and drops define EDM and make it a genre that overcomes language and cultural barriers. Hence EDM is a physical experience and not just a one off idea that resonates with people. Based on this insight, we designed a campaign that our TG could ‘feel’ and engage with.

Hence we based our campaign on 3 Es and 3 Is:

Educate > Engage > Entertain

Inform > Influence > Inspire


a. Media master class: We organized a round table with the media who constantly covered music.

b. Creating Ambassadors: In a unique PR-led idea, we launched the campaign #Supersling, where the first 1000 fans of Vh1 Supersonic in the media community were called in to co-curate the festival, thus, encouraging an elevated sense of belonging. This resulted in more than 1000 brand ambassadors for the Brand.

c. Media: In order to reach out to the right audience, we reached out to the right media through simple, yet effective media tools. Vh1 Supersonic also invited journalists across various cities in India to get a first-hand sense of the festival which culminated into the final experience in Goa, creating high resonance for the grand gala.

d. Digital First: Diverging from conventional routes, we reached out directly to our digital audience, wherein we made all our announcements directly to fans through Facebook and Twitter. Thus building a strongconnect.


1. Happy Audience – We increased footfalls from 50,000 in 2014 to a whopping 100,000 in 2015, a 2X growth, raising the aggregate fan base from 150,000 in 2014 to 765,000 in 2015.

2. Happy Advertisers – In the year 2014, Vh1 Supersonic had 16 brand associations which increased to 40 brands in 2015, because Vh1 Supersonic was now a year-long festival.

3. Happy Artists – Through our various communication initiatives, we built Vh1 Supersonic in the international market as well, which yielded an increase in international talent participating in the festival from 35 international artists in 2014, to 62 in 2015.

Media Results:

Earned Media: We received 800+ exposures with 60% increase from 2014. 75% ‘CAT A’ media stories resulting in more than 150 million earned media value.

Brand results:

• Consumer affinity increased from 24% in 2014 to 76% in 2015

• Brand Affinity amongst Artists and Advertisers increased by 50%

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