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The briefing called for selling a limited edition containing 2 kits of Visage makeup products that were based on the hot and cold undertones used in visagism – the art of emphasizing the beautiful features of each face.


The products' colors were chosen according to the hot and cold tones one might use when practicing visagism. But when we actually have the products in hand, it isn't clear how they can be best used. The big idea for this little makeup brand in Brazil was to create a visual identity that would take over the concept of visagism – a subject applicable to every face – and explain that it can be adapted to each persons' individual traits. This way, everyone could use the makeup in a personalized manner that would emphasize their best features.


The target audience – Brazilian women 20 to 30 years old – was impacted through social media. Visagism. The art of emphasizing what is beautiful on each face.


We used face lines as a grid, and developed a typography based on that grid. And since every face is different, each person has their own personal typeface. For the color palette, we borrowed the colors in the makeup kits. Like the typography, the backgrounds used for the communication assets were also based on the grid. So we combined the color palette (with 22 colors) with the intersection points on the grid (also 22 points) in order to form different backgrounds, unique to each type.


The campaign showed consumers, in a very innovative way, that the brand takes into account their individuality when it comes to creating and communicating its products. Additionally, by incorporating visagism, the work elicited discussions that are both contemporary and relevant to the beauty industry. The kits ran out in a few weeks.

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