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PUBLICIS, New York / HPE / 2019

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Modern IT environments are difficult to manage – with glitchy legacy systems, cloud complexity and slow app deployment that can grow out of control. For IT executives, it can feel like a “monster” that takes on a life of its own, disrupting business and slowing innovation.

Events are a critical for technology marketing. With a cacophony of brands predominantly featuring product demos, we wanted to create an interactive experience to grab attention, create a personalized experience and generate sales opportunities. Using this cutting edge technology, we developed a ‘live’ extension of our IT Monster creative idea.


The live conference was the perfect environment to introduce the HPE vMonster. Through groundbreaking CG character animation combining real-time game engine technology with motion sensors, the IT Monster came to life – thinking, interacting and improvising like a human with attendees. For the Mimic Wall, our character was puppeteered through gestural controls in real-time. Through a live camera feed, creative and performance decisions were made instantly, enabling a truly interactive, personalized experience.

After interacting with the vMonster, attendees were able to take the reins and Tame IT at the Take Control Wall. Through ‘sock puppet’ gestures, captured by motion sensors, and software-defined game technology, attendees intuitively gained control as the IT Monster reacted to each specific hand gesture.

Over the course of the conference, the vMonster’s personality grew, as it “learned” new behaviors and expressions from additional motion data and gestures recorded and ingested into the animation system.

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