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GO OUTSIDE, Sao Paulo, SP / GO OUTSIDE / 2022

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Go Outside is one of the greatest sports and adventure magazines in Brazil. The brand main goal is to inspire people to go outside and enjoy the best of the outdoor life. That’s why Go Outside created Rocky Spirit Festival, the biggest open-air cinema festival in Brazil – to turn an indoor experience into an outdoor experience.

But with the pandemic situation, the festival losts its essence, after all it couldn’t happen inside, not even online. That’s where our challenge came from: how could we keep an open–air cinema festival alive during the pandemic and make our target go outside to enjoy the best of the outside life without disrespecting any COVID-19 safety protocols?


We featured a special movie on our festival website that was blocked for everyone who was inside. This means it couldn’t be played at home and not even under a roof. To unlock the content, people should GO OUTSIDE. With this little hack, we made people move and go outside to watch a content that would usually be watched on the couch. And this way we brought them closer to our brand essence, making everyone go outside to enjoy the secret movie. And most important: we kept Rocky Spirit Cinema Festival alive, even during pandemic and without breaking any safety protocols.


With the pandemic situation, Rocky Mountain Festival – that tooks thousands of people out of home to enjoy great movies since 2010 – wouldn’t take anyone out and wouldn’t make anyone enjoy the best of the outdoor life. With this creative idea, we were able to keep the festival alive even during such hard times and made people connect with the outside world and with our brand essence and purpose.


There were movies available to be watched online. But the website brought a secret movie, a blocked movie. And that made people curious – which is also a feeling that is part of our brand essence.

When people tried to hit play, a pop-up message invited them to our experience.

1-) turn the GPS on.

2-) Go outside.

3-) Hit Play

4-) Movie unlocked.


This way we made thousands of people move, walk, and go outside to enjoy a movie, keeping Rocky Spirit alive and also made them enjoy the best of the outdoor life.

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