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With You All The Way

FP7/CAI, Cairo / UBER / 2019

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Everyone else was singing praises about Mohamed Salah and talking about his family and upbringing to play on emotions, but Uber went controversial. Through an impressively executed film, the brand positioned itself as a “driving” force in Salah’s journey, telling him he hasn’t reached his “destination” and he still has “miles” to go, but Uber was with him all the way. The film is loaded with symbolism of past incidents as well as things to come.


Uber planned to stand out from all the other ads featuring the star, their strategy was to goad him and state that he has done nothing yet, and since the brand is all about the ride, their rhetoric was perfectly linked to the famed footballer and his “journey”, while being controversial. The brand planned to hijack the conversation about Salah by creating catchphrases and content for fans to express their sentiments. So whether it was metaphorical or literal, Uber had positioned itself as the brand that would take their consumer to their final destination. Uber was telling Salah and the audience, they’re “with you all the way”.

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