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For the business of an agency it is crucial to show an effective capacity to do what it aims to do for its clients. As with anything, you are more likely to be hired for something if you can show that you have done it before.

Thus, we had to carry out a Christmas initiative showing the agency´s capacity to integrate different disciplines, innovate and, in turn, we had to be able to surprise and gain the loyalty of a group that is very overexposed and linked to advertising.


We took advantage of the recurrent message of brands that recommend forgetting about your mobile at Christmas gatherings, in order to offer a solution that made it possible to be connected at the time of year when we most remember our loved ones.

We turned the mobile into a Christmas ally and invented a new function for it: Xmas Mode, a digital and physical tool, enabling family members and friends to transform their mobiles into Nativity figures and have them interact with one another by placing them together.


Mobiles are a distracting item on any Christmas table. It is frowned upon to use them at family gatherings, but Christmas is precisely the time when you most want to be connected with the people you love most. By creating Xmas Mode, we managed:

- To make putting mobiles on the table the most beautiful gesture of Christmas

- To enjoy a magical, phygital and 100% collaborative experience, impacting +800,000 users and setting-up +4,400 nativity scenes in 40 different countries.


In order to turn mobiles into an interactive nativity scene, we needed to film a living nativity, develop a web application, prepare a promotional video and a communication plan.

Each character was filmed separately and synchronized in each acting scene. We followed a meticulous production plan, in order to ensure the interaction that we sought. At the same time, we developed the application using WebSocket, technology designed to be implemented in browsers and web servers that facilitates the transfer of data in real time between different devices.

The experience had to be designed and focused on usability so that each user could create their own 2.0 version in an easy and intuitive way. To do so, it was only necessary to visit via mobile and follow a series of steps:


Never before had a Nativity scene been displayed like this. And as a result, we managed:

• + 800,000 users impacted

• + 1,200 mentions on Social Networks

• + 4,400 nativity scenes in 40 different countries. Source: Analytics

• To unite thousands of families, by reviving the tradition of putting up the nativity scene together.

• To give mobiles a use at Christmas, in order to be able to use them at family gatherings.

• Main headlines:

Europapress: “Xmas Mode turns mobiles into living Nativity scene”.

iPhonea 2: “This Christmas, don´t switch off your mobile”.

Economía de hoy (The Economy Today): “Creativity and technology to turn your mobile into an ally of Christmas spirit”

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