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Yakuza: LIKE A DRAGON 7(Male Host Bar/Idol/Dancer)

HAKUHODO INC., Tokyo / SONY / 2021







The series Yakuza: LIKE A DRAGON is a well-known game title in Japan in which a member of the Yakuza is the main character. In this series, a man who is chased by a Yakuza organization and becomes homeless will build himself back up through various work experiences no matter how low he falls.

Male Bar Host: A career change from night service industry to a detective. Using entertaining skills he developed at the bar, the man is able to make a suspect happily confess to her crime.

Idol: A career change from Accounting department to an idol. Using the skills she developed as a performer, she turns the troublesome paperwork into an entertaining experience.

Dancer: A career change from a fortuneteller to a dancer. Fusing the skills he developed as a fortuneteller with dance, his performance provides the audience with fun and fortune, bringing the venue to life.

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