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Year in search. Kasta feat. Google

SLAVA, Moscow / GOOGLE / 2018

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Year after year a great deal of events, both good and bad, take places in our lives and on the

level of the whole country and world. Millions of people turn to a search engine to find

information about these events. Google lives through these moments together with us. And it is

Google that is the brand best suited to tout up the results of the year and to remember

everything that happened in 2017.

2017 earned the right to be called the year of 'the power of words' (rap battles, bright speeches

and performance, new words and meanings formed its image in a big way) and in order to tout

up the results we invited some special guests who are masters of words - 'Kasta'.


That's why we decided to invite a Rap artist that could tell the results of the year

in rap.

Our choice was the group Kasta. And although this choice for many was not the most

obvious (Kasta compared to other newer and younger artists, was considered not up to date),

but in terms of being loved by the people, Kasta was a winner.

And we did not even imagine

by how much. The media strategy was simple, the video should be placed on YouTube and was

promoted using Google instruments. A microsite was also creative where people could find out

more about each of the trends. And of course we were depending on earned media and PR.


YiS video was 1 in YT trends.

10.7M complete video views.

Year in Search video became most likable one on Google Russia YT channel.

10.7M complete video views.

68K likes / 3K comments / 22.5K new subscribers / 25K shares Social.

TOP music and entertaining publics with 1M+ subscribers announced video in their feeds. Publics made 1141 announcements in total with 6M reach of their posts.

Users made 13,6K+ posts with 2,9M reach.

They left 130K+ likes, shares and comments in total.

Hashtag was quite popular - 8,8K Comparing with previous year reach was increased by 8 times: Viral: 7,8M vs 0,55M Earned: 2M vs 0,3M

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