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TRY OPT, Oslo / DNB BANK / 2021

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DNB is the largest bank in Norway, but its position among young Norwegians has been under attack by other competing banks for several years. As a result, DNB lost its position as the most preferred bank for young Norwegians.

Our brief was to win back this position in the young target group and at the same time improve their saving habits.

Our objective was to increase downloads of the DNB savings app, to get the target audience to set savings goals and start saving. Our position in the target segment would be measured pre - and post-campaign.


Why is it so hard to save money? As it turns out, our brains are at fault. So we teamed up with young Norwegians to combat our common enemy, the YOLOBRAIN. We created a digital and multi-channel science project, aiming to find out why we think short-term with our money, and find out if we could trick our yolobrains into thinking more long-term.


How could we conduct a popular scientific research project in 2020? In social media, of course.

Our strategy was to target the social behaviour of young Norwegians, specifically their impulsive spending habits, and the focus on money, fashion and lifestyle in their digital lives.

We wanted to ask the right questions, instead of providing all the answers. So we decided to inspire engagement through dialogue and interaction in social media, and communicate with young Norwegians on their own terms, in their own visual language. We gathered data through social media, results from the YOLOBRAIN-test and our experiment, and these results was collected on the website.

The target audience were young Norwegians from the age of 18 to 28.


The project was launched on TV and social media, with fast-paced visuals and a mixed- media style film, fronted by norwegian influencer and reality celebrity Adrian Sellevoll, a flying brain and a talking alpaca.

Films and tactical ads on youtube, and social media prompted the audience to do a digital test, and find out if they were yolobrains. We then followed up with articles and social media polls, where we retargeted users that were engaged to show them research results.

We then created an experiment, to see if we could trick yolobrains into thinking long-term by tempting with something short-term. Or in other words, we gave the audience a free soda if they started saving. And 91% of them did.

Further on, we created a podcast where norwegian celebrities and influencers were invited to discuss their own yolobrains.


The campaign inspired our target audience to participate, but the measured results show that the campaign also inspired them to improve their own saving habits. Ultimately leading to a strengthened position for DNB, making them the most preferred bank among young Norwegians.

- 40% conversion rate on ads.

- 15% of the target audience actively participated in the scientific research.

- 21% of the target audience visited the website

- 7.5% of the target audience completed the 27 question test.

- 30% more downloads of the savings app from DNB.

- 30% more savings goals created in the app.

- 91% started saving when gifted a free soda.

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