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Instead of photographing the action on the pitch, we’re photographing the fans. Snaptivity enhances fans’ experiences of live sport and challenges mainstream use of in-stadium technology. We’re using IoT, robotics and live data in a new, positive and rewarding way – reassuring fans that their most memorable moments will be captured and ready to share whenever they want.

Each photo is matched with creative content, using contextual information from the fan and data from the match. Brands or teams can then add bespoke creative content, which can also be dynamically matched to the on-pitch moment that triggered it. Along with a smart user experience that drives social sharing in fan communities, we generate unique, high-quality, authentic fan content as fast as the match is played.

This offers teams and sponsors a genuine way to contribute to fan conversations on social media as they happen, and to create memories that last.


In sports stadiums around the world, including Edgbaston Cricket Ground, Wembley Stadium, Twickenham Stadium and eight FIFA 2018 World Cup host stadiums in Russia, we are transforming the way that teams and sports sponsors connect with fans.

We install our custom robotic cameras, internally connecting them to all our sensors through our AI on a mesh network. During the match itself, the system runs at the speed of the on-pitch action, taking photos when excitement in the crowd spikes.

We use trigger moments during a match to layer dynamic creative content onto the fan photos. Our partners can create content for the overlays in advance, or create it live in response to what’s happening on pitch. This means their messages will always be relevant for the fans, ready to share and earning the brand or campaign an authentic role in the fans’ conversations on social media.


We capture 15 photos for every fan in the stadium during a match. As more than 40% of fans in a stadium are sharing every third photo we take, we’re reaching 1.2m people each game. We’re live and operational at Edgbaston Cricket Ground, Wembley Stadium, Stamford Bridge, Twickenham Stadium and Molineux Stadium, and we’re ready for the FIFA 2018 World Cup in Russia, in 8 host stadiums.

By capturing candid fan moments that have never been accessible before, we have enhanced the way fans can keep memories and share moments from live sports events. We have given brands an authentic way to contribute value to their target audiences’ conversations on social media.

Finally, our company has raised £51,000 in grant funding from DIT - UK and Creative England, this year has made over £500,000 in sales contracts and this month is closing an investment round of £1.5m.


Collecting numerous data points throughout our partner sports stadiums, our AI predicts when and where the next big audience reaction will happen. This triggers our robotic cameras, capturing candid fan moments. We meet the needs of the selfie culture, but leave fans free to watch the game without distraction.

Each photo is enhanced with dynamic creative content triggered by on-pitch action, and a smart user experience drives fans to social platforms. Snaptivity enables brands to be part of a fan’s memories, sharing the right message for every unique moment of sports drama. We’re bringing live sports into the digital age.


During the live match, our crowd movement and volume sensor data feeds our AI so as to predict when and where the next big audience reaction will happen, and to set the cameras snapping.

Coupled with our spatial AR-based stadium mapping system, our API-based solution enables us to deliver the right photo to the right fan at the right time.

Our system also enables teams and brands to overlay dynamic content on each photo – targeting down to the seat number – so that brands are part of a specific fan moment, sharing the right emotion and message for every unique moment of sports drama.

This relevance, together with our simple user experience, encourages sharing with the fan community on social media. Snaptivity offers teams and sponsors an authentic way to be a value-add contributor to fans’ conversations as they happen, and in their photo memories long after match day.


1.5m people flow into stadiums across the UK every weekend to experience the thrill of live sports. Nothing beats watching the game from inside the stadium, but capturing that excitement on individual phones is hard, and often ruins the moment. Additionally, as the stadium experience has become more immersive, fans have developed ‘banner blindness’ – they no longer notice traditional sponsorship.

We were looking for a game-changer – a genuine and memorable way for teams and sponsors to be part of fans’ live sport experiences while keeping fans glued to the pitch, not to their smartphones. We wanted to create an easy-to-install, scalable solution for bringing innovation into stadium infrastructure – a way to increase the value stadiums can offer to fans, teams and brands.

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