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Jaguar invited the public at an automotive expo to experience a ‘next-level’ virtual reality simulation. The Jaguar stand featured an F-TYPE, elevated on, what looked like, a large motion simulator platform. Once the passengers were inside and helmeted (and distracted with a pre-ride video) the car lowered and rotated to face the back wall, which was then raised. A precision driver entered and the car was rolled across our purpose-built bridge to the track.

The transition to track was choreographed to match the pre-ride video, so there was an in-video reason for the slight bumps and wobbles they felt.

Once on the arena, hidden cameras inside the passengers’ helmet went live – they saw exactly what they would be looking at if they weren’t wearing the helmet - and they were taken on an adrenaline-pumping ride before being obliviously returned to the stand, where they were interviewed and the truth, revealed.


Judging by the actions of Jaguar’s competitors, the use of Virtual Reality technology seems to be a mandatory for any new car launch. But, most of the time, the VR experiences do a better job of selling VR than the product it's supposed to be helping promote.

Yes, adopting new technology makes your brand appear modern - we took it one step further by subverting it.

The live experiences took place at 'Big Boys Toys' (NZ's largest automotive and marine expo that takes place over a 3-day weekend) and we invited public there to try out our "next-level, virtual” experience.

Because of the regular stunts, the Jaguar stand stood out from all its competitors' traditional, static booths and drew the most interested crowds. On that note, New Zealanders are not typically expressive types. Bear this in mind when you consider their reactions.

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