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We needed a way to send Oregonians around the state during the slow tourist season, so we created a video game that would do just that. It was an homage to the classic computer game, The Oregon Trail, but updated with over 20 mini-games designed to showcase the many winter activities and vacation spots around Oregon.  

We knew the 8-bit aesthetic was familiar to our audience, which allowed us to create something that was nostalgic, easy to play, and full of self-aware humor that felt true and unique to Oregon. For example, games included everything from downhill skiing and snowshoeing to pretending to be a sommelier and checking IDs at a bar. Perils on the journey included Oregon-centric jokes, such as overdosing on kombucha or dying from caffeine withdrawal.  


This campaign launched in mid-October and ran through mid-December.

We prioritized media partners known for curating entertaining premium content, and we layered on niche targeting because we wanted to connect with Oregonians who were more likely to engage with the game. Some of the biggest partners included Hulu, Discovery, Pandora, Reddit, Undertone, Zefr, and BuzzFeed. We also worked with Atlas Obscura, Expedia, and TripAdvisor to engage Oregonians who were actively seeking out travel content.


Between all our social platforms we achieved well over 2 million impressions and over 1 million views. (Not bad considering the whole state of Oregon has just over 4 million residents.)


This game is super fun. It brings Oregon travel to life in classic 8-bit glory and strikes a nostalgic chord. What makes it loved is the combination of the classic gameplay with hilarious, contemporary references. Over half a million players have played, many for an hour at a time. Some even broadcast their gameplay on Twitch and YouTube. Many shared their funny tombstones on social.

Despite being targeted within Oregon, the earned media was impressive. Vice, Mashable, Thrillist, Men’s Journal, People.com, and many other outlets covered it.

Not bad for a little campaign made just for Oregonians.


Most Oregonians live in Oregon because they love the outdoors and all the adventures you can find all around the state. But even the most rugged, adventurous Oregonians tend to hunker down in the winter months. It’s cold and often icy. The weather plays a big role in Oregon culture and conversations. And a lot of the time in winter, the conversation is about avoiding it or escaping it. Oregonians’ sense of adventure can go dormant in the winter.

So, we had to think creatively about a new way to inspire travel. It couldn’t be a typical travel campaign. It had to be more creative and give Oregonians new inspiration to learn about and visit other parts of the state.

The strategy was to stoke Oregonians’ natural sense of adventure by inspiring them with all the fun they could experience around Oregon.



Travel Oregon is charged with inspiring international and US travelers to come visit the splendor of our beautiful state. In the summertime, the mountains of Oregon are lush and green. The beach is cool and has a dramatic beauty. And the high desert offers amazing sites and beautiful sunsets. There’s a lot to tempt travelers. But in the winter, the job is much tougher. Weather can be treacherous and roads can be dodgy. Rather than focusing on outsiders, Travel Oregon focuses on getting Oregonians to travel within the state.


Inspire Oregonians to explore other parts of Oregon this winter.

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