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PONCE, Buenos Aires / FOX INTERNATIONAL / 2018


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We set a simple goal: making a campaign that feels more like entertainment than advertising. In that sense, we treated people as viewers rather than consumers, and offered them a short film where the FOX Premium platform is key to the plot. But it wasn’t just a short film, it was one of those things you shouldn’t miss too.


The short film was aired in January 25th, in FOX Premium, as an exclusive content and then also published in the brand social networks.

“WHO?”, starring Norman Reedus, tells the story of a Hitman who has to kill a man. The victim is precisely the actor interpreting Daryl Dixon in The Walking Dead. Being unknown to the Hitman, he gets to know him through FP watching all seasons in order to do the job.


The short film had 21.615.296M views 1 week, with a 84% of positive interactions.

People watched, shared and commented positively on the content.

But above all, they enjoyed it. It currently performs within the top 5 movies in the app ranking in the region.


Every brand intends to entertain their consumers, but an entertainment brand is expected to do so. FOX Premium, one of the main movie/series platform in the region, specially. To advertise its content proposal, we made an 9-minute short film that felt exactly as the movies and series they always stream. It even featured Norman Reedus, star from Fox’s most acclaimed show - The Walking Dead - who plays himself in a story where murder, love, fandom and binge-watching are involved.


There’s this saying: “content is king”. So we asked ourselves why would someone, in this world of adblockers and skipads, watch something in a TV/Digital content platform that interrupts him from watching whatever he’s watching? The answer was he wouldn’t.

Selling a premium content experience, evidently, required premium communication: a campaign that felt entertainment rather than advertising. So instead of interrupting viewers with an ad we produced something they just couldn’t miss, as our brand tagline says. A short film.


FOX Network Group Latin America is a multimedia group that leads the pay TV industry by subscription and in 2014 they launched in Argentina its TV/Digital platform “FOX Premium”.

Meanwhile, other premium content options (HBO/Netflix) had already gained recognition not only through advertising but also through acclaimed show such as Game of Thrones or House of Cards, respectively. Since then people had a super varied content menu to sit comfortably in their couches, prepare some snacks and enjoy.

We needed to increase awareness by building a brand identity that stood out within a competitive environment. Based on FOMO trend, we had already developed a tagline that went “Those things you shouldn’t miss” and now it was time to prove it in advertising too.

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