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Effecting real change is hard, especially when it comes to organ donation. Our approach with this campaign was twofold. One: create a feature film based on a compelling Montefiore patient story that would seamlessly tell the brand’s story while sparking an emotional response in viewers for organ donation. Two: having been moved by a feeling of empathy for Corazón’s main character, provide viewers a simple, engaging tool enabling them to register as organ donors on the spot. More than just a film tagline, Give Your Heart became a meaningful call to action. Theatergoers were prompted to become organ donors by pressing their phones to their hearts. Our interactive mobile technology helped viewers register with Donate Life America in just 15 seconds. Corazón was then made available online, inspiring people everywhere to donate their hearts.


Corazón premiered during the 2018 Tribeca Film Festival to sold-out audiences. The April 20 premiere was followed by four additional public screenings on April 22 and April 27 to accommodate the thousands of people wanting to see Corazón. The film was then made available online, inspiring people everywhere to give their hearts and invite friends to do the same. An integrated campaign consisting of OOH, TVC, print, editorial, PR, radio, podcast, online, social, and cinema trailers drove people to connect with our message, watch the full film and give their hearts by becoming organ donors. In one week, millions connected with our campaign, and thousands watched the film in New York alone. We are currently negotiating placement on streaming platforms and airline in-flight systems to reach an even wider audience.


Within hours, all Tribeca Film Festival showings of Corazón sold out. The critical response has been extremely positive, celebrating the film’s ability to rally audiences behind the cause of organ donation. In the first week following the film premiere, 10 million people watched Corazón - Give Your Heart content. Over 1,000 New Yorkers per day watched Corazón the film. Hundreds of New Yorkers gave their hearts, registering as new with Donate Life America. Since 1 donor can save up to 8 lives, the campaign has potentially saved thousands of lives already.


Corazón is based on a true patient story from Montefiore Hospital. Directed by John Hillcoat and featuring Academy Award nominee Demian Bichir and Blade Runner 2049 star Ana de Armas, Corazón tells the story of Elena Ramirez, a sex worker from Santo Domingo whose heart is dying, and Montefiore’s Dr. Garcia, the only person who offers her hope. Launched in partnership with the Tribeca Film Festival, the 48-minute film premiered in New York, and all screenings sold out within hours. Critics praised Corazón for its ability to awaken audiences to the importance of organ donation through the power of cinema.


In order to raise awareness for organ donations and appeal to a younger demographic, Corazón aimed to emotionally connect with its audience through entertainment. After months of research with Montefiore Hospital, we discovered the true patient story of Elena Ramirez and developed our screenplay with screenwriter Kelley Sane and director John Hillcoat. To launch Corazón, we partnered with another New York icon, the Tribeca Film Festival, founded to unite people through cinema. By telling the compelling story of one woman, we seamlessly showed audiences the value of organ donation, and what Montefiore stands for. Exquisitely directed by Hillcoat, masterfully shot by Academy Award nominee Bradford Young, and brilliantly performed by Demian Bichir and Ana de Armas, Corazón is more than a film; it’s a complete effort to effect real change. An integrated campaign drove viewers to watch Corazón, and interactive technology made it easy for viewers to give their hearts.


115,000 Americans are currently waiting for a life-saving organ transplant. Although 98% support organ donation, only 1 in 5 New Yorkers is a donor. Seeing these alarming statics, how do you get young people to register as organ donors? You make them feel something—then make it easy to become part of the solution. Montefiore Hospital, founded in New York in 1884 on the belief that all human life is worth fighting for, saw an opportunity: move people to action through the power of film. By creating a compelling piece of entertainment, we connected a younger audience to the importance of organ donation, then made it easy for them to become part of the solution through interactive mobile technology.

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