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Why is this work relevant for Brand Experience & Activation?

Brand experience: The campaign key execution was a streamed live concert where the audience got to experience the brand and be exposed to the key product – Johnson & Johnson Vision’s (JJV) ACUVUE DEFINE coloured lenses, in an entertaining, immersive, and even sensitive way in light of the pandemic.

Activation: In order to attend the concert, consumers had to become DEFINE Facebook and Instagram members – which was the key activation and objective of the concert.


JJV was about to launch a new range of cosmetic lenses – Acuvue DEFINE – in seven markets in APAC when COVID-19 struck. All plans to shoot and create new visual assets featuring KPop group TWICE, were halted due to travel restrictions and lockdowns. We had to find another way to launch the product and stay engaged with our audience whilst being sensitive to the current climate. Our original target was a reach of 1 million people through the launch. How could we achieve this under lockdown?

DEFINE is a fashion-forward cosmetic lens brand. Our insights revealed that our target audience - young Asian women who love music and entertainment - desperately wanted to escape the social isolation of quarantine. And that’s when the idea hit us.

Describe the creative idea

The world’s largest branded online KPOP concert with DEFINE X TWICE!

We let consumers engage with their favourite KPOP group, in real time from the safety of their homes, all on Facebook Live in an immersive way with a mixture of entertainment, social extensions and Augmented Reality across seven markets. And as they did that, we increased our membership online and allowed for a real time brand experience.

Describe the strategy

Our insights revealed that our target audience - young Asian women who love music and entertainment - desperately wanted to escape the social isolation they are forced to be in. The strategy was to create an immersive event that offered consumers a virtual “escape” from quarantine. By inviting them to a concert by their favourite KPop group with 6 million fellow fans in real time, we aimed to foster feelings of freedom and connectedness to help build brand love. The event was a clever strategy to “entertain our way to more members”, as the only way to watch the concert was to become a Facebook or Instagram follower of DEFINE.

Describe the execution

Unable to create new promotional assets, we repurposed material from past campaigns and turned them into engaging social content to generate interest across seven markets in APAC.

At the event, every fan got a front row seat. We rolled out never-before-AR interfaces, still in beta development, during the show. Customised viewing experiences let participants have personalised views of their favourite TWICE girl. Viewers even directly interact with the girl group during the concert.

TWICE was so excited to finally connect with their fans again following the early uncertainty brought upon by the pandemic, they decided to use the event to debut their brand new single, Oxygen.

We also worked with Facebook and created #DEFINEthanksU AR Masks that fans could use to tag and thank frontline workers in real time. This was the biggest show of gratitude on a social platform by an eye care brand.

List the results

he client cited it as the single most effective marketing campaign ever conducted by DEFINE cosmetic lenses.

It broke many records for the brand and for brands in the eye care category:

• The world’s largest branded K-POP live show

• Helped unite and spread joy to fans across the world during COVID-19

It hit the client’s goals:

• Watched by over 5 million TWICE and DEFINE fans

• Over 85 million total impressions

• 83,000 new members on the DEFINE Facebook page (over three times the goal originally set, which was 25,000)

• 6 million video views of the TWICE concert to date

• Over 163,000 direct engagements

It served a greater purpose:

• The brand offered a virtual “escape” from quarantine

• #DEFINEThanksU virtual facemasks activity became the largest branded show of gratitude to frontline workers on Facebook and Instagram at a single time

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