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DENTSU MARCOM, Gurgaon / OMRON / 2016

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The film shows two women, a mother and daughter, switch their roles. The daughter addresses her mother as 'daughter' and the mother addresses her daughter as 'mom'.

One fine day, the daughter sends a parcel and a letter to her mother living alone in a small town with the message that 'some things are good to know'. She also informs her mother that she found a guy and tells her mom she will bring the guy along during the upcoming festival.

On the day of the festival, we realize that the guy the daughter has found actually was for the mother.

When the shocked mother asks why the daughter did not inform her earlier about this, the daughter points to the Omron blood pressure monitor and says that 'somethings are good to know' and 'some are not'.


We had to be extremely careful about product usage because consumer was using it without a medical assistant. Also, we had to inform the audience that if they take medicines, they should take them only upon prescription.


There are many cultural layers in the film.

1) Children from smaller towns (which is most of India) leave their parents after education for better jobs and careers in the cities.

2) Old people in smaller towns don't have the means to go for health check ups in hospitals

3) Single parents, widows or widowers live in solitude most of their lives and die a lonely sad death

4) Diwali is a big festival where people gift each other something special


Omron presents

'With love, your mom'

Film opens on a lonely, old woman doing a household chore in the courtyard of an old ancestral house in India. A young servant maid in the house receives a parcel and a letter from the postman and gives the same to the old woman.

The old woman takes them and realizing that it is from her daughter sits down to read the letter.

As she reads the letter, we overhear the voice of a young woman:

“My dear daughter”

The old woman laughs aloud at being addressed as the ‘daughter’.

The young voice continues:

“How are you? Are you eating on time…? I have sent you a blood pressure monitor”

The old woman turns to looks at the pack and opens it to see an Omron blood pressure monitor.

She gets back to reading the letter. We hear the young woman’s voice again:

“Keep checking everyday. Because, some things are good to know”

The mother reflects on this and goes back to reading the letter.

“Now you don’t have to step out in the hot sun anymore! Come on now, check your blood pressure”

As the mother continues to read the letter, the young voice warns:

“Told you to check the blood pressure first, didn’t I?”

At this the old woman laughs and keeps the letter aside to check her blood pressure.

She opens the Omron blood pressure monitor and checks. She finds that it is slightly on the higher side.

The voice continues:

“If the blood pressure is high, do take the medicine”

As the mother returns to the letter, we hear the voice exclaim:

“And now some important news! You will be happy to know that I have found a guy!”

The old woman looks surprised and almost jumps out of her seat.

The young woman’s voice says:

“Sit down my dear daughter, hear the complete news first…”

The mother smiles and sits down.

“The guy is good. He earns well.

I am thinking of bringing him over during the upcoming festival.

With love,

Your mom”

As the old woman finishes reading the letter, she gets excited and starts looking for her phone to call her daughter.

The daughter, who was on her way to work, picks up her mom’s call and says:

“Yes, my dear daughter… Did you check your blood pressure…?

First tell me, did you check it?

Good! How much was it? Take the medicine ok!”

The daughter reaches her desk and continues on the phone:

“Now tell me…So many questions?

When I bring him over, you can ask him all these questions yourself!”

We see the mother anxiously walking about in the courtyard and talking on the phone:

“Who is he? At least tell me his name!”

Back in the office, we see the daughter getting into her work now and telling her mom,

“I gotta go now, bye… bye!”

The mother rushes to pick up the clothes from the clothesline in a hurry, to tidy up the house and while doing so, she mutters to herself:

“Vidya, Poornima, Get the house ready! When is the festival? This girl is truly my mother! She’s taken such a big decision on her own!”

Finally the day arrives when the daughter brings the man.

We see a beautiful dawn breaking, as the sound of birds wake up the small, sleepy town.

Cut to the daughter arrive in an auto rickshaw and quietly entering their ancestral home.

We see the old mother preparing for the festival as she pours oil in tiny earthen lamps to light them.

The daughter goes and quietly pokes her mom from behind.

The old woman looks at her surprised, and exclaims:

“So, my mom has arrived, huh?”

The daughter drags her quickly to the cupboard hushing her up, and whispers:

“He’s come”

The old woman turns to exit the bedroom to welcome the guest, when the daughter pulls her back and says

“What is this? Will you meet him like this?”

The old woman replies, looking at herself in the mirror,

“What’s wrong with me? Look at yourself… Does any bride look like this?”

Meanwhile, the daughter takes out green glass bangles and starts dressing up her mother.

The mother exclaims saying,

“These bangles are so beautiful! Where did you get them? I’ve been looking for them for so long”

The daughter tries to hurry her up:

“Wear them quickly”

As the old mother struggles to wear the bangles, she complains:

“You couldn’t get a size bigger?”

The daughter meanwhile pulls out a beautiful shimmering veil and drapes it around her mother’s face.

At this the mother laughingly exclaims:

“Is the marriage yours or mine?”

The daughter finally blurts out the truth:


The old woman is shocked and opens to see through the lace window curtains of the bedroom.

We see a fine old gentleman standing in the courtyard and looking around at the family photos on the wall.

The mother looks at the daughter in disbelief.

The daughter turns emotional as she confesses:

“You’ve grown old… I can’t stay with you all the time. I keep worrying about you... Won’t you take the burden off your mom?”

The old woman gets teary eyed.

The young daughter reassures:

“He’s really a gem… One in a million! At least meet him once… He’s just looking for a good friend”

The mother still shocked asks:

“You didn’t even tell me, when I called you!”

At this the daughter seeing the Omron blood pressure monitor by the side table, smiles and says:

“Some things are good to know… Some things aren’t”

And almost leads her out of the room.

We see the fine, elderly gentleman getting up to greet them as he sees them.

The daughter introduces her mother saying:

“This is my daughter! I’ve brought her up with a lot of love and care. You’ll look after her, right?”

The man smiles lovingly at the mother and nods, He then turns to the young woman and says:

“Your daughter is indeed beautiful”

The young woman replies almost taking credit for it:

“After all, she’s gone after the mother!”

The old woman breaks into a smile finally as they all laugh.


As the film credits go up we see in flash back, how the young daughter chose the life partner for her old mother through a matrimonial website.


This is was the situation:

1) Omron was a unknown brand.

2) No one was interested in blood pressure monitors

3) The people who needed them were old people living in small towns who had a hard time traveling to hospitals to check their blood pressure

4) They did not have the money to buy

This was the brief:

Turn a medical product into a household item

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