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The Olympics has always been a massive crowd puller, attracting millions of people from every corner of the globe. But the way people enjoy the Olympic games was always the same, watching game after game after game, as the best athletes on the planet compete at the very edge of human capabilities.

But what if those crowds could actually compete just like Olympians?

Samsung wanted to create a different kind of Olympic experience for them to actually compete just like Olympians.

From the Olympics you watch, to the Olympics you play.


Galaxy Studio opened at the Olympic Park in Rio on August 6th 2016.

To attract the Olympic fans, Samsung integrated its mobile technologies and latest experiential tech solutions into the Studio.

1. Consumers were guided through their experiential journey by a ‘mobile guide’, pre-loaded with the specially designed experiential App. More than 300 Galaxy S7 devices were distributed to visitors to the Studio during the event.

2. Equipped with Gear IconX, Samsung’s latest wearable that attaches to the ear, consumers were able to monitor their heart rate as they took part in an interactive competition. Their movements were automatically tracked by kinetic sensors and their heart rate was monitored in real-time.

3. There were 64 VR 4D seats where visitors could experience major Olympic sports through the players’ eyes. To enable the most dynamic 4D VR experiences, the special 4D seats were designed to sync perfectly with the motion of theexperience.


Our campaign engulfed Brazil in a tsunami of excitement. Across 11 major cities, over 1 million visitors were transformed into Olympians. Overall visitor satisfaction was incredibly high, overwhelming Samsung’s rivals. Not to mention the campaign earned huge media impression from all over the world, chosen to be the most mentioned brand among 11 official sponsors by media. The Galaxy Studio at Olympic Park hosted 23 media outlets from 12 countries, including CNBC, The Asahi Shimbun and much more.

More importantly, the campaign contributed to an increase in sales and generated additional sales opportunities in Brazil. Product sales increased by 57% in June and 110% in July compared to the same period the previous year, contributing to Samsung capturing a 54% share of the smartphone market in Brazil.

The cross-over between our technology and sports has created a completely new Olympic experience.

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