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Air Cocaine

BETC, Paris / CANAL / 2023

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In March 2023, CANAL+ launched its new Documentary: Air Cocaine, a narco-polar with twists and turns worthy of a fiction! This documentary series tells the story of an amazing case, of a French private plane intercepted on the tarmac of Punta Cana airport in the Dominican Republic. On board, 700 kilos of cocaine distributed in about thirty suitcases. The two pilots and their two passengers, all French, are arrested. This is the beginning of an incredible soap opera, marked by very long trials on both sides of the Atlantic, conflicting versions and an incredible escape.

To promote the launch of this documentary, CANAL+ chose the purest way, an analogy. We played on the similarity between the white trail plains leave in the sky and a line of cocaine ready for use.


To promote the documentary Air Cocaine, CANAL+ made a video based on a very simple concept: a plane that leaves no trace.

In the air, planes leave a white trail behind them, but in this case, the plane flies in the opposite direction to clear it's trail of white clouds, as if sniffing a line of coke.


This campaign fits perfectly with the tone of the CANAL+ brand and reinforces its impertinent and irreverent image.

In terms of audience, it is the best start for a CANAL+ Documentary Creation, with more than 3 million viewings after two weeks.

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