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ALMAPBBDO, Sao Paulo / AMBEV / 2007

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Boa is the nickname given to the Official Drinkers of Antarctica.In order to promote the new website, Boa's Bar, a quick, efficient, spontaneous, funny, and low-cost promotion was necessary.An online invitation was created, in which the user could make fun of his friends. The invitation was a video that showed Juliana Paes' (the campaign's muse) new tattoo in a surprising fashion.The user would first write in his name and the name of the friend. His name would then show up as a tattoo on Juliana's shoulder, at which point she would tell his friend not to be sad because there was a tattoo for him too. He would then call Paulão, the bar's waiter, and the name of the "made fun of" friend would show up as a tattoo on the waiter's behind.In just 1 month there were 1.2 million hits, and 6.3 million pageviews. Access on to the Bar da Boa website tripled.

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