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BBDO GROUP GERMANY, Dusseldorf / AB INBEV / 2016

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Beck’s is one of Germanys most popular beer brands. It stands like no other for chilled and relaxed moments together with your friends. Apart from bars and clubs, Beck’s is well known for being a beer on the go, on the way to a party or simply outside.

The brief was to remind independent minds that Beck’s brings people together and celebrates the fun moments together with your friends.

We wanted to give them something that makes these moments even more special and exciting and celebrates the spirit of Beck’s by offering the target group a piece of content to share with their friends on social media platforms. The budget to realise this idea was 1000 Euros to produce 50 pieces for an online raffle.


The CAPCAM is part of a special edition that combines innovative technology and strategic brand approaches in one simple design element. The goal was to design the device in a way that is useful and at the same time in style with the product itself. Functionality needed to be assured as well as a smart way to attach it to the product. To tick all these boxes, we created a magnetic layer that kept the CAPCAM on the metal cap of the bottle and protected the lens of the device. As soon as this layer was removed, the CAPCAM was ready to go. The material guarantees high stability values and low weight. The design of the CAPCAM allows to store the mirrors that extend the smartphone lens to a 360° angle and at the same time limits the size of the device to a handy format that still allows branding.

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