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Bees with Backpacks

AGENCY INSIDE, Santa Clara / INTEL / 2017

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Bees in nature. Distinctive textured bodies meticulously flirting with polychromatic flora. While the bees’ stature pales in comparison, their movement is unparalleled—it’s easy to miss, yet purposeful.

When developing the creative idea, we paralleled and countered bees’ idiosyncrasies. Like the bee, we complemented their eye-catching bodies by featuring strictly vibrant shots of the protagonist’s home of Tazmania. To contrast the size of the bee, we captured a lot of bird’s eye-view, wide shots.

During post, we slowed down the frames with the bee hives in hopes to emphasize it’s structural facets. Similarly, we filmed the video in a dynamic documentary-style fashion. With this style choice, we accurately depicted the symbiotic relationship between the maker, bees, and Intel technology. With context of an Albert Einstein quote, we introduce the viewer to the greater idea- A maker is racing against time to save the bees and all they do for humanity.


This project was a year in the making. Intel spent over a year tracking down individuals who were using technology to make a difference. We found Dr. Paulo—our diamond in the rough—and knew we had to tell his story because the stakes were so high. It was a natural fit for Intel to tell this story because our technology is really at the heart of the solution.


The piece garnered almost one million views—over 650,000 on Facebook and 340,000 on YouTube. We achieved an engagement rate of 12%, exceeding our benchmark of 8%. Traffic driven to increased by over 100% following the video’s release. Additionally, it sparked articles on both AdAge and AdWeek, and was mentioned in a New York Times piece.

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