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Bolt vs Flame

LEW'LARA\TBWA, Sao Paulo / NISSAN / 2017

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Bolt vs Flame is an Olympic project for Nissan GTR that shows Usain Bolt's race against fire.

As you can see, we have many elements in the idea: fire, the Olympics, and speed. The challenge was to combine them all to make a digital content with impactful visual appeal, in a format never used before.

We put together three posters by using 123,000 matchsticks placed one by one. The artwork contained all the elements of the campaign. And after all that work, we set fire to them and made films for the social networks that invited the public to watch the Bolt vs. Flame content. The project also took the streets as outdoor media.


For a bold, complex project like Bolt vs. Flame, the major challenge was to combine many elements in a single execution: Usain Bolt, the Nissan GTR, the Olympics, confrontation, speed and fire.

To do so, we used matchsticks (123,000 in three posters) as pixels to form a poster with Usain Bolt.

But we still had to include the opponent: fire. And to go viral, it could not be digitally inserted. It had to be real. So we set the posters on fire.

In a studio, we filmed and photographed the whole process. This material was turned into OOH and posts on Nissan's social networks.


Bolt vs Flame successfully reached a global level.

It was the 3rd most seen Olympic Ad in the world according to Adweek, and was elected the best Olympics Ad according to Sporting News. We were even featured on ESPN.

Numbers exceeded expectations:

- More than 31 million views.

- Total of 222k Interactions on social media.

- 202.6MM impressions (76% above the objective)

- 15.000 shares on Facebook.

- 6,2% engagement rate

All with a local media budget of BRL 1MM (approximately USD 325.000)

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