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BBH, New York / GOOGLE / 2011

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The concept started from a simple truth: No matter how fast Google Chrome gets, you’ll only browse as fast as your fingers move. We then took this insight to the nth degree, inventing the most ridiculous way to improve one’s finger dexterity with “Chromercise,” a jazzercise program for your phalanges. Creating our own line of awesome finger sweatbands brought the joke into homes and offices, allowing people to interact with the brand like never before. Now, people can Chromercise along with the video just like a real workout tape or create a workout of their own for everyone to see.


The success was undeniable. All 25,000 finger sweatbands were ordered in less than 3 hours. The video has been viewed nearly 200,000 times in just three days. And the Google keyword search of the term, “Chromercise” creates over 100,000 unique results.

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