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POKE, London / ORANGE / 2003

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The objective for the microsite is simple - to create fame around the ‘Hard Nosed Businessman’ (HNB) character who is the central figure in Orange’s latest business user advertising. It’s an opportunity to find out more about the character and get deeper into his motivations and psyche.The HNB is an extremely ambitious character who would certainly have a place on the web - and it wouldn’t be a homepage with mushy photos of him with his kids - it would be something illustrating his business prowess and visionary leadership.The central theme of the site is a send-up of the titles of modern business books like ‘7 habits of highly effective people’. The site features personal guidance from the HNB in the form of the ‘5 Habits of Hard Nosed Businessmen’ - personal promotion combined with content that seemingly benefits the user.The site has been kept deliberately simple ‘spoofing’ the ubiquity and usefulness of business tools like Powerpoint & ClipArt and presenting much of the site in it. Great attention has been paid to copywriting and the overall tone and humour of the site.

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