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“Children of an understanding” aims to highlight Spaniards’ ability to overcome differences of opinion, prejudices, different beliefs or ideologies through understanding and love. The campaign proposes a social reflection, in the wake of a year of discrepancies and disagreements, of elections and misconstructions, this being the moment for focusing on the fact that there are far more things that unite us than separate us. This is a series of true stories of real couples with totally divergent beliefs, ideologies or lifestyles, but who have nevertheless managed to reach an understanding; the proof of this is their children, the children of an understanding.

“More people than we think are able to reach an understanding, to want to sit at the same table as someone quite different to them, to break with their prejudices. Today more than ever, let’s eat from the same plate”


During the first phases of the campaign, we prepared several materials in different approaches that attracted the media and that leveraged the campaign as one of the most important ones during Christmas. In addition, we managed a scoop with a Tier 1 media outlet in Spain in order to cover the filming of the spot.

Once Christmas was over, the theater play, which meant a totally new way of Brand PR, was highly fostered and we managed to gain the Spanish Tier 1 media attention. Several interviews to the actors and director of the play, who became ambassadors of the brand, were arranged and a private show and a press conference were organized for TV, radio and generalist media so they could report it in all formats.


This was the first company in Spain that took a chance on theatre as part of a Brand PR strategy and the results were overwhelming and highly positive, exceeding the objectives we had set at the beginning.

The attendants embraced the play and applauded the idea, and there was a 1000% ticket over-demand.

In terms of media outputs, we achieved a historic media coverage for the brand, with:

- Over 430 media impacts – being 20 of them interviews to the actors and the director of the theatre play, ambassadors of the brand

- 11.773.365 views in YouTube, Facebook and Twitter.

- Over 183 million people reached

- A final economic valuation of almost 6 million Euros

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