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Corona Island

DDB COLOMBIA, Bogota / CORONA / 2023


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Situation: During the confinement, nature took a break from humans: animals took to the streets, beaches were cleaner, global air pollution declined, and the earth's temperature significantly improved. But now that the pandemic has ended, humans have returned to their old ways. Is it possible for nature to breathe with us again?

Brief: How can Corona become the most talked-about beer brand in the world through a creative and sustainable solution that allows consumers to fall back in love with nature and become re-energized to be better, more sustainable global citizens?


- Make a positive impact on the environment.

- Change consumers' mindsets about how they can become advocates for protecting our natural world.

- Use unexpected mediums to engage consumers and educate them about the importance of protecting paradises and making a cultural change in the way tourism is done.


Corona Beer, in its commitment to fight plastic pollution and the care of beaches, decided to adapt an island for it to become an immersive experience to show the world and the visitors that it's possible to protect our paradises and live in peace with nature.

Under the guidance of sustainable construction experts and raised by local artisans, to avoid heavy machinery and pollution, all structures were built with 100% organic materials and around the design that nature had already made, preserving the ecosystem. The bungalows were strategically placed to take advantage of the wind's course, reducing energy waste. LED lighting was installed close to the ground to avoid light pollution and CO2 impacts. And all structures were elevated at a specific distance from the ground to favor bird transit and turtle nesting.

The island became an experience center where visitors learned how to live a more sustainable life.


Insight: 95% of our lives are spent inside, and people want places to disconnect, but climate change is making islands disappear.

KM: Corona invites consumers to disconnect from routine and reconnect with nature while leaving a positive impact on the environment.

TA: Target consumers in key markets (18+) that are looking to disconnect and reconnect with nature.

The strategy was to break through a crowded media landscape constantly focused on the negative effects of climate change by creating Corona Island, a destination designed to respect and protect its natural ecosystem. Corona Island drew attention to the topic by:

Partnering with Oceanic Global to ensure every step of production and execution.

• Working with an architectural firm using sustainable sourced materials.

• Collaborating with a local chef to curate a sustainably menu.

• Offering sustainability-led experiences.

• Launching a global auction to raise additional funds to protect the oceans.


In October 2021, the design of Corona Island began, hand in hand with expert architects in sustainability, and three months later, its construction began. The island was built with 100% natural organic materials using local labor and craftsmanship to mitigate the environmental impact. In June 2022, Corona Island opens its shores to the public and to more than 25 countries that have decided to live the experience. The island will continue to operate during 2023, receiving more countries and visitors to transform their lives and make them ambassadors of a message.

Corona Island is now a globally scaled, unique experience that was thought up and developed in Colombia to give the world a solution to disconnect from the routine and reconnect with nature again, letting people live the brand's purpose.


Corona Island became a benchmark for tourism and construction on hundreds of islands around the world. Architects, real estate developers, influencers, celebrities, and government entities have set Corona Island as an example of a sustainable lifestyle, thanks to it becoming the first island in the world certified by Oceanic Global as plastic-free.

The popularity of the island spread to all 25 markets activating, with sold-out experiences for 17 consecutive months, achieving pp to 10%+ relaxation attribute in participant countries and sales uplifts up to +39% in participant countries.

Corona Island garnered 6 billion impressions globally with 95% positive sentiment.

But most importantly, Corona Island is making a lasting impact with more than 1,200 mangroves planted, 65+ animal species preserved, 25,000 seeds planted to reforest the land, and zero greenhouse gas emissions released.

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