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Da Da Ding

MINDSHARE, Bangalore / NIKE / 2017

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This campaign had to trigger a new line of thought, a new reality. We wanted them to break all norms and get playing again. An ambition that big, required a trigger that would inspire and stay with them. A game changer of sorts, to shake their very belief that sports wasn’t meant for girls.

We had to get under their skin - what do they watch? Who do they look up to? What will inspire them to break the taboo?

The answer was Bollywood! Apart from being the largest-followed genre of content for women, female actors in India are busy rewriting the rules. They are no longer just a pretty face. Their struggles and achievements have made them front- runners and true role models, being emulated by young girls across the country.


Bollywood reflected in everything our girl does – it’s what she consumes online and in the choices she makes because Bollywood is who she wants to be! With that in mind we chose a launch event where Bollywood is most influential - The International Indian Film Academy Awards (IIFA) - Bollywood’s equivalent to the Oscars. India’s top rated actresses, Deepika Padukone, who is an athlete herself, inspired the nation with her heartfelt story about how sport helped her overcome depression, followed by the launch of the powerful music video.

Deepika’s speech on television resulted in massive 350% jump in Nike’s searches. As television stirred conversations online, we debuted the video on YouTube, followed women with google ads and intercepted social conversations and as interest grew, we covered athlete stories with online publications too.


• #DaDaDing was audio streamed 2 Million times online, helping it reach #1 on iTunes India & Shazam's India Chart

• The music video would reach 54 Million individuals via IIFA telecast and garner another 11.8 Million views online (close to 40% of those views being organic!)

• Furthermore, over 50 User Generated Videos by users moving to #DaDaDing were tracked on FB & YouTube

• Against 7 planned articles, a further 250 articles from leading online publications covered #DaDaDing

• The defining moment for #DaDaDing came from Sheryl Sandberg; who reposted the video on her own Facebook page with a shout out to the everyday women athletes featured; the ultimate stamp of approval for a movement aimed at making women unstoppable

• Thanks to #DaDaDing, Nike Training Club (Mumbai) saw 2x Sign-ups, 114% growth for Nike+ Apps and a 55% jump in Trial to Conversion across Nike Stores

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