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+CASTRO, Buenos Aires / GOOGLE / 2014

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Creatives nowadays think in digital but Google wanted to raise the stakes and invite them to include digital thinking from the beginning of the creative process.

To do this we conducted an experiment in Argentina with one goal: demonstrate that digital thinking can enhance any creative idea.

Google wanted to talk to creatives and demonstrate to them how digital thinking can improve their ideas.

To do so, we choose a new and innovative way: use festivals as media. Festivals are where all creatives look to get inspired and Google saw in this an opportunity to reach their objective target.


1) A dedicated Google team to provide them with digital training so they could take their creative idea to the next level.

2) To produce and implement it in the real world.

3) And even to pay and produce the video case and then submit the idea at Cannes 2013.

In the meantime, we shot a documentary that would only be published if our hypothesis was fulfilled.


The idea went from winning nothing to winning 14 awards, including Gold and Bronze at Cannes 2013.?Just two weeks later, we unveiled our secret.?Instantly the news echoed around the world and the site achieved over 120k visits, a big number considering the target niche of creative advertisers.

Top advertising and marketing magazines and blogs covered Google’s experiment.

ElAlmacen gained the attention of numerous international clients and agencies.

MinicuotasRibeiro received an offer from a taxi company based in Chicago to implement the idea.??

Google received more than 15 calls from different agencies to hire Digital Studio.

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