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McCANN MADRID, Madrid / IKEA / 2017

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Use the context of November’s homework strike to activate the PR leg of the homework campaign with a street action. It is important to consider the change in the current affairs context to evaluate the development of the action.

The communication strategy is based on the idea that IKEA not only highlights a situation but becomes an active part of it and calls for a change in the homework concept (without supporting the homework strike). Important to have weighty partners to endorse the action, like Eva Bailén, responsible for the campaign “For the rationalization of homework” at and Rafael Feito, Sociology professor at the Complutense University of Madrid

1.- Delivering a letter to the Ministry of Education alongside the materialisation of the homework load of a child over the course of his school life and the drawing up of the manifesto highlight the fact that IKEA is an active part of the movement.

2.-Continue collaborating with one of the leaders of the movement in our country: Eva Bailén, responsible for the campaign “For the rationalization of homework” at to ensure her public support for the movement and continued backing for our messages. We are lucky to have the Colegio Malvar to endorse the messages and exemplify the idea of “another (kind of) homework is possible”. Balance of parents and teachers in the different communications.

3.- We secure the public support of family social influencers by inviting them to form part of the action.


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