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DDB PARIS, Paris / HENKEL / 2010

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The idea came from the product’s method of application, which was identical to using a Nintendo Wiimote. Thus, we decided to create a game “Chaos at home” for the Wii, demonstrating the product in a fun way, which was featured in Wii Demonstration Pods in DIY stores.Since the game was launched in video game stores, it will be on shelf for 6 months, thus extending the duration of the campaign.A unique in-store cross-promotion advertised on POS displays & on the game packaging itself : for every Go product purchased, consumers got a 10 € rebate on the game.Even if few stores distributed the game few weeks before Cannes 2009, the campaign really started in september 2009 with a 4 month promotion that reached 100% of DYI stores. During this 4 month period (sept 2009 to Dec 2009) we ran a powerful tv campaign, got promotional displays in every stores that distributed Rubson GO, and made a new cross promotion by reducing the price of the game to 20 €.So the outcomes of this campaign arrived at the end of 2009, in december when the promotional plan was fully deployed.


The return on investment was amazing for Henkel!After the launch of the game the revenue of the GO range rose by 53% (Vs before the game.)The GO products got now 1/3rd of market share in their category after only one year of existence!Thanks to the launch of the game Henkel reached a landmark of 100% presence (referencing) in DIY stores and supermarkets.The campaign made Rubson GO one of the most successful launch in Henkel history.So much so that thanks to this success, the launch is now considered as a best practice at Henkel and the game is now going to be adapted for other markets!GO became the market leader with 27% market share. Henkel's revenue rose 53% after the launch of GO.The product was referenced in all supermarkets and DIY stores. And finaly Chaos at home will be published by video game giant ''Konami'' for the US market.

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