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Dream in Black 2022

THE 360 AGENCY, Santa Monica / AT&T / 2022

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It's no secret that Black people face a host of challenges in this world. Yet the rich history, contributions and influence of Black Americans is undeniable. Each generation finds its way by having the audacity to dream, create possibilities and to define success on their own terms.

Dream in Black celebrates those future makers and culture shapers who exemplify this spirit. This afro-centric platform rooted in cultural truths allows our target audience - Black Millennials - to feel seen and heard. As a result, it is powerful and uniquely suited to help AT&T meet its objective of deepening the brand's relationship with this influential audience in an authentic way.

Dream in Black provides the platform that enables Black creators to see themselves represented across different mediums, giving them the hope and resources to build greater possibilities for themselves and their communities.


The theme for this year's creative was inspired by a declarative belief that many Black Millennials share: "I am my ancestors wildest dreams."

We honored 28 Black future makers whose pursuit of success and approach to life exemplify the freedoms and opportunities the ancestors could only imagine. We then collaborated with key future makers to create fresh, culturally relevant content that inspired engagement and grew brand love.

A key partner was artist Georgie Nakima who co-created this year's look and feel for the campaign. Her imaginative afro-centric approach merges science with art to create stunning masterpieces. Georgie found a way to marry AT&T's limitless, tech-forward blue world with her own visual aesthetic. The result is a distinctive, unmistakably cultural visual expression.

Georgie created the key art, a portrait of each future maker, co-developed coveted merchandise including an exclusive capsule collection and showcased her original art in a flagship retail installation.


Our target audience is Black Millennials who are actively pursuing success on their own terms. To connect with them, we leverage the culturally-rooted Dream in Black platform and co-create content and events with Black innovators and culture shapers who exemplify the Dream in Black ethos of an empowering future filled with greater possibilities for the culture.

This year, our budget was small but by leveraging relevant social influencers to create content, events and conversations on key social media platforms like Instagram, Twitter and TikTok, we were able to engage and inspire our audience.

One hallmark of this program is the partnership we create with a Black artist to inform the visual aesthetic. This year we tapped Georgie Nakima, a rising artist who not only canonized our 2022 class of Black future makers but also found a way to marry AT&T's limitless tech-forward blue world with her afro-centric art.


During the month of February we created irresistible, scroll stopping content. We created a social cadence that allowed for the creators we partnered with and the AT&T brand to remain top of mind for Black consumers when thinking about technology and connection. This year we took people on a journey to the future in the month of February. We celebrated the moment while showcasing what is possible for the future.

The social activations hosted conversations about representation, faith, being bold, and the power of connection. These conversations garnered 97% positive sentiment across all social platforms leading to authentic moments shared between the consumer and the AT&T brand.

The last Instagram live conversation included Devale Ellis, Tobe Nwigwe, and Kirk Franklin, hosted by Terrence J gaining the most social views of all our conversations and receiving the most positive comments-- from the message to the merchandise worn by the influencers.


The campaign overall generated 898M+ organic impressions, 772M+ PR impressions, 3.8M+ estimated coverage views and over 161 million social impressions across Instagram, Twitter, and TikTok which attained 5.7 million video views.

Our Instagram Live events brought our target audience together reaching 129,000 followers, attaining a total 66,000 active viewership. Instagram Live events averaged 16,000 active viewers. The TikTok partnership contributed 28 million impressions and 4 million video views from performances by Lizzo, Big Sean, H.E.R., Ari Lennox (2022 Black Future Maker), and more.

By engaging and interacting with our target audience through thought provoking conversations, honoring their wild dreams and showcasing our social influencer talent on stage, our campaign garnered 94% positive brand sentiment.

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