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FedEx SoundTrack

BBDO NEW YORK, New York / FEDEX / 2017

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FedEx Soundtrack is a package tracking site that allows users to experience their package’s journey like never before. It dynamically creates music based on data inputs including the package’s size and weight, arrival and departure locations, delivery route, and weather information.

For example, if a package is heavy, the music will be low. If the package encountered rain, the music will include subtle sounds of raindrops.

The site allows users to experience the journey of their own packages, fictional packages, and even historical packages (including the journey of how FedEx shipped a Panda from one side of the world to the other!). Based on the user’s inputs, FedEx Soundtrack generates a unique musical and visual interpretation of the package’s journey - no two packages will ever get the same output.


We knew personalized experiences played an important role in millennial lives, so we sought out from the beginning to infuse data into every phase of strategic development.

First, we did a deep dive into the millennial target to understand their passion points. Research revealed that music and music discovery was an important part of their lives. Through Google search and YouTube video trends, we were also able to identify that millennials had a passion to understand the inner workings of complex technologies. This led us to an idea that married the inner workings of FedEx with music.

Second, we did an audit to understand what types of data we could use to help generate custom musical scores for each user. We knew that in order to provide an engaging and entertaining experience for millennials, the experience had to be custom. So we looked into the number one way millennials engage with the brand - through the FedEx tracking site.

Third, we sought out to understand the details of what a package goes through to get from point A to point B. And it turned out, a lot more goes into a package delivery than what is listed on the FedEx tracking


The data compiled during the development of the campaign resulted in a first-of-it’s-kind tracking experience for consumers. Not only could users see the journey of their specific package, but the data inputs also allowed them to dynamically hear it as well. Within a few days of launching, media outlets including Fast Company were already commenting on the site’s entertainment value.

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