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Frites - Artois Restaurant - Design

AB INBEV, Bogota / ABINBEV / 2021

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Situation: Stella Artois is a beer brand with more than 600 years of history, but in the Colombian market it feels like an old and distant brand.

Brief: We had to find a way to create something meaningful that would connect the brand's heritage and DNA with the local public.

Objectives: Increase awareness of Stella Artois locally, grow people closeness with the brand, its essence and values.


We reinterpreted the DNA and legacy of an iconic beer through architecture, space design, cuisine and experiences to create its first global restaurant in the middle of one of the trendiest areas in Latin America.

By creating Frites Artois we established a landmark, opening a new selling category for Stella Artois that brought together the best of the brand while taking it to the level of becoming a tangible experience for our consumers who felt the brand was too old and distant.


Our target were 30+ year old professionals living in big cities who strive to strike a balance between their careers and their desire to spend quality time with their loved ones. In order to reach them, we discovered that they were constantly looking to go to places to disconnect while sharing a good meal, having a good time with their friends and disconnecting for a while from the worries of everyday life. So instead of trying to reach them in other places, we chose to create our own physical restaurant, a space in the middle of one of the most visited areas in Bogota that would transport them to another scenario where they could enjoy something different from their usual environment.

The strategy was to create a landmark for the brand, expand it to another category beyond the beer one and to become a point of reference for our customers.


Implementation: We studied key elements of Belgian architecture and cuisine in order to merge them with local talent and create a unique restaurant. We designed its entire identity for global implementation and launched it with a series of YouTube documentaries showcasing the Frites Artois strategy, history of the place and the people who made it possible. In addition to that, we designed a content and PR strategy that included influencers to increase the campaign reach on social media, complemented with a digital communication campaign based on the food, architecture and moments to share at Frites Artois.

Placement: Bogotá

Scale: 1 for now


Concept & Idea: March 2020

Construction: Started on October 2020

Launch: March 2021



* Sales per month: 77 000 USD on average

* 4.6 tons of food purchased from local suppliers

* Fully booked restaurant until June 2021

* 400% volume increase in people visiting the area which benefited 173 restaurants


* 40 million impressions between social networks, free press and influencers

* 100% video retention: 3,67 versus 2,77 benchmark

*90% of positive sentiment

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