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OVERMAN, Seoul / MIZUNO / 2017

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Mizuno Korea has been established since 2013 with high loyalty of football and baseball gears, but it was hard to raise the brand awareness and the sales of running shoes and apparels. Because the running category has been captured by global big brands. Especially the key problem was to overcome numerical inferiority of the retail stores. It had only 79 retail stores in Korea. (Adidas had 849, Nike had 440, and New Balance had 369.) For making a new touch point without increasing the stores, we needed to design a new way to bring attention to the brand and the hero product, Wave Rider.


For one month, we selected 200 people and developed the message and the special box design. And we sent the 200 boxes to each addresses by parcel delivery company during 3~4 days. In the box, we left a message explained the surprising event and how to get the other half pair of shoes. To get it, the recipients should get a photo of the box and upload the photo on their owned SNS with the hashtags of MIZUNO and this guerrilla event title. And on 3rd September, the popup store opened and the recipients visited the store with the box and the shoe and exchanged the new pair of the shoes in the correct sizes. For more audiences’ visiting, we invited a special guest, Kim Yeon Keong, a famous volleyball star playing volleyball in Wave Rider because of the feeling of wearing though they were designed for running.

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