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For over 100 years, Lurpak has made high-quality Danish lactic butter in the same way from the same natural ingredients.

In the early noughties however, Lurpak was struggling to justify its price premium against the increasing range of cheaper, lower-fat spreads. Customers were flocking to margarines and private label, and market share was declining - fast.

Previous comms relied on an iconic character - Douglas the butter man - to deliver the rational reasons why Lurpak butter tasted better than others and why it was worth paying more for.

But taste is a feeling. Not a fact. It can’t be rationalised or reduced to churning methods or lactic cultures. It was time to change the approach and move into an emotional territory that would get people to feel we tasted better than others.

To land that we tasted better, it wasn’t enough to explain it. We needed to connect it to something bigger. We stopped explaining what our butter was and how it was made - which people cared little about and started talking about it in the bigger context of food - which people were having a renewed love for.

Using the rich cultural landscape of the late noughties, when Brits from all walks of life were finally discovering the joy to be found in cooking from scratch, with simple and natural ingredients, Lurpak gave its first point of view on food and food culture and boldly declared itself the Champion of Good Food with ‘Good Food Deserves Lurpak’.  

The campaign was a stake in the ground, not only because it went beyond butter and had a point of view on food but because it ignored conventions when it came to filming and depicting food. It made food and cooking epic, showing it in a raw, real and unadulterated style that had never been seen before.

For the past decade, Lurpak and Wieden+Kennedy continued delivering a campaign with opinions using the ever-changing backdrop of food culture and showing food in an evocative, mouth-watering and unique way.

The approach was bold, and flew in the face of existing marketing theories, thinkers and research bodies to deliver one of the most effective long-term campaigns ever, with a £13 return and a consistent growth throughout the last 10 years, bringing Lurpak to #1 in both volume and value in the UK, and reaching iconic brand status along the likes of Apple and Coca-Cola.

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